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Our Church IDs: The Good Shepherd: 22103, St Thomas of Canterbury: 22102

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A: Many churches have asked for ideas to help reflect on how their individual church is helping people growth in faith, discipleship and in mission. So we’re piloting a survey which we’ve developed to see if this helps your church.

A: That is fine. We have worked hard to put together a set of questions which we hope are clear and easy to understand. However, if you do not understand a question then do ask your Church Champion for help! 

A: Yes, all information is kept in strictest confidence and will not be used to identify anyone taking part. Churches will be given a summary of their survey results which will help you to better understand your church and surrounding area but individuals will not be identifiable. 

A: The survey will take no more than 10 minutes to complete

A: Everyone in your congregation is encouraged to complete the survey! 

A: Yes, children are equally important and so we encourage parents or guardians to complete The Big Church Survey their behalf when necessary.