Dear friends

Every now and again, someone says “Do you remember when we used to have a Parish Magazine?”  It’s beginning to feel as though we have one now!  I do hope that this weekly newsletter is a welcome arrival in your inbox.  Having said that, a number of people do not have email accounts; would you be willing to print this out and take it to one of them as part of your daily exercise?  The roads concerned are Beech Way, Salisbury Gardens, Pennine Way, Hawthorn Way, Dudley Close, Becket Court, Elmwood Way, Exmoor Close, Pillar Box Gardens, Kempshott Lane and Winklebury Centre.

Something to Do

Thank you for all your feedback about our gatherings; it’s good to hear that so many people of all ages find our online meetings such an encouragement.  I for one found our Easter celebrations really special.  Here’s what’s coming up, all at

Daily except Sunday8:00Morning Prayer
Sunday10:30Morning Worship
Monday 20:00Focus (20s and 30s)
Thursday 15:30Shine (KS1 children)
Thursday19:00Grid (Yrs 6-13)

Something to prepare

Why not have a read through the passage we’ll be looking at on Sunday: Luke 24:36-53?  Ask God to speak to you through it as you read, as well as during the sermon.  You may also like to listen to a new song that we’ll be using during the service.

Something to watch

Tim has been busy filming a new video and, with some friends, putting together a really helpful website.  It is aimed at non-Christians particularly who are fearful about what is going on.  Have a look and think prayerfully about who you could point towards it.

Something to help with

Now that it has been confirmed that we’re in lockdown for another three weeks, we want to make sure that everyone knows that they can come to us for help.  We would therefore like to put an information card through every door in Winklebury and Rooksdown (the area for which we are the designated hub).  Can you co-ordinate this for us, please?  We can get the cards printed, but we need someone to distribute them to people who will deliver them.  Please let me know if you could take this on.

Something to read

Our friends at 10ofThose (who supply our bookstall) have been hit very hard by coronavirus.  Events at which they were expecting to sell books worth £2,000,000 (including Word Alive) have been cancelled.  The profit they make doesn’t go to shareholders: it supports work around the world for God’s kingdom.  They’re not asking for donations; they are a business and don’t feel that would be right.  But they are asking for help: they would be really grateful if you could buy a gift voucher for yourself or a friend to spend whenever you like; or, to put it another way, pay now for books you will buy later.  More details here.

Tim and Jamie join me in sending greetings in the name of our risen Saviour.