Dear friends

If I’ve done my sums correctly, it’s 61 days since we met together in our church buildings.  You might be aware that there has been a lot of debate about when they should be re-opened – as with every other aspects of our daily lives.  For some the answer is simple: now!  Others are much more cautious.  Please pray for those who have the responsibility for issuing guidance and making decisions nationally, regionally and locally.  And, whatever your personal view, let us be careful to honour the views of others; as Paul puts it, “bearing with one another in love” (Ephesians 4:2).

Coming up via Livestream

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This evening as usual we have Friday45 – three quarters of an hour of prayer for the world, our nation and our church family; do come along even if you prefer just to sit and listen.  Morning Prayer continues tomorrow morning (as every day apart from Sundayat 8:00am.  Then on Sunday we have our main gathering of the week for Morning Worshipat 10:30; we’re continuing our series in Luke’s gospel and will be looking at chapter 8 verses 22-56.  You might find it helpful to read it through beforehand and ask yourself what does it teach me about God, about myself, and about how I should live.  We’ll be singing a newish song which you might like to listen to before we sing it.  And then…

Families at 4

We’re so grateful for the feedback we have received on our Zoom gatherings – thank you!  But we want to continue to improve, so this Sunday we’re re-starting Families at 4, but we’re going to run it every week rather than just once each month.  It will last for about 30 minutes and is particularly designed for parents and their children up to around 10 years of age.  Essentially, this is replacing and enlarging on the children’s group time after the morning service, so that

  • parents and leaders can join in the Coffee Lounge chat in the mornings
  • children can have more content designed for their age than we can squeeze into the morning service (although we shall retain the existing provision of a song, a children’s spot and activity sheets in order that both parents and children can engage with the Bible teaching during the service)

Do join us if you can, and please keep telling us what you find is helpful and unhelpful in our online programme.

And don’t forget…

All our regular events continue next week: Church Family Study groups on Wednesday evenings; Shine and Grid on Thursdays; Puddleducks on Fridays.  And, of course, our support of people in the wider community continues with deliveries of food parcels and prescriptions.  Don’t forget that you can make donations to the Foodbank between 10:30 and noon on Mondays and Fridays at the Good Shepherd; or you can send money instead by going to the My Giving page on My ChurchSuite.

Tim and Jamie join me in sending greetings in our risen Lord Jesus