Dear friends

This being a fifth Sunday coming up, we should have been looking forward to Parish Praise and a meal together.  As it is, we are still unable to meet physically but this Pentecost – the birthday of the church – let us make the most of rejoicing in the spiritual unity we can enjoy because of Jesus’ wonderful gift to us of his Holy Spirit. 


  • Join us as usual via for our service at 10:30 on Sunday morning.  Although we’ll be marking Pentecost, our sermon will continue with the next chunk of Luke’s gospel, chapter 9 verses 28-50.  We’ll be learning a new song: Consider Christ.  Why not have a look at the passage and have a listen to the song in preparation for our service?
  • Then there’s Families at 4 for those with children up to about the age of 10.  If you’ve got grandchildren of that age, why not arrange to see them there?  You could forward this email to them so that they can click on this link to get to the service.
  • Finally, our nine days of praying Thy Kingdom Come draws to a close on Sunday.  Join with Christians across the town for a special prayer gathering.  You will need a different link for this rather than joining via our livestream page:

A Day of Prayer

70 years ago this week, Britain was facing almost certain defeat at the hands of the advancing German army.  Our troops had been forced to retreat to the beaches of Dunkirk, and Prime Minister Winston Churchill was told we’d be lucky if 20,000 could be rescued.  But then something happened.  The King called for a National Day of Prayer, which happened on 26 May 1940.  Across the land, people responded in droves.  And God heard.  In unprecedented and miraculous weather conditions, thousands of small boats – manned by ‘ordinary’ men, and occasionally women – were enabled to set out across the Channel.  And they achieved the unthinkable: under constant shelling, 338,226 men were evacuated and brought home. 
Our nation currently faces a different, unseen enemy, and we cannot yet foresee the complete effect that it will have.  But God can.  Sadly, as a nation it seems unimaginable that any leader would be brave enough to call the nation to prayer, although few would argue that we are any less in need of repentance as a nation now than we were 70 years ago.  Many Christians are committing themselves to making time to pray earnestly this weekend.  Why not join them? 

Thank you

… to everyone who has responded to the opportunity to the invitation to support our mission partners.  In case you missed it, here is the information again: It has been wonderful over the last ten weeks to see how the Holy Spirit has stirred so many acts of generosity.  Some have, for the first time, committed to regular giving to God through the church; others have made sacrificial gifts for particular needs; very many have given time, petrol or food to help those in need; and so on.A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the challenges facing two of our mission links: Tearfund whose focus is overseas and CPAS who support parishes like ours across the country.  Tearfund of course are trying to do more than ever in the face of the additional challenge of the pandemic and, like many charities, have seen their income drop.  CPAS have had to cancel their summer programme for young people and the unrecoverable costs of those contribute to an expected deficit of £300,000.  Our PCC agreed unanimously that it would be good to put these needs before the whole church family, and the Standing Committee has decided that now is the time to do so.In doing this we are not making any assumptions about anyone’s financial circumstances.  Some may be struggling because they always are; some may be facing new challenges because of falling income (and do remember that I have my discretionary fund to help you if you in particular difficulties).  But it is also true that some people’s income has not gone down, and some will find that they have not been spending as much as usual on travel, meals out and so on.  So, whatever your circumstances, please give prayerful consideration to whether God is prompting you to make a one-off gift to his work at this point.If you would like to make a gift, the simplest way is to go to our Giving Page ( or, using the My ChurchSuite app on your smartphone, go to the My Giving tab.  Once there, you will be able to direct your gift to Tearfund or CPAS.  You could also choose to give to our general fund which would allow the PCC to allocate it where the need is greatest.  Whatever you choose, remember to request Gift Aid if you are eligible.

Every blessing