Dear friends

We observed last Sunday that it’s very easy to come to God’s word thinking that we know what it says and therefore paying little attention, particularly if it’s a familiar passage.  I certainly feel that way about emails; I get so many that I could easily spend all day on them, so I have to try to dispose of some on the basis of what I think they say.  I realize of course that the same may well be true for you, so it was a great encouragement earlier this week when someone told me how much they actually look forward to my weekly email!  If that wasn’t you, thank you for at least reading this far.

Covid-19 and me

Before lockdown, we were planning to hold an evangelistic event asking the question “Is there any hope in a world of pain?”  Events overtook us of course, and we’ve now decided to do it online instead but on a theme that reflects our current situation.  Full details are included in the attached flyer: please forward it to your friends.
 Covid-19 event invitation.pdf

All at Sea

Countless holidays have been cancelled or postponed.  But we’ve decided to go ahead with our holiday-at-home for the over-60s, All at Sea.  Usually, ‘at home’ means without leaving Basingstoke; this time it means we’re off to the Greek Islands without leaving our homes!  It’s going to happen on Zoom, just like everything else we’re doing at the moment.  (We’re conscious that not everyone is able to use Zoom, and we’re working out how those people can be included.)  Sadly this means there will be no lunch provided, but Maggie is willing to share her recipes if you want to make your own!  More details will be coming soon.  If you would like to join in on 21-23 July from 10:30 to noon, please accept the invitation using the buttons just below my signature.

This week

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning via our livestream pagewhen Tim will be preaching on Luke 11:1-28.  It’s a little while since we shared a time of giving thanks to God for the blessings we’ve received, so you might like to be thinking what you would like to share.

Tim and Jamie join me in sending greetings in the name of the Christ we serve together.