The purpose of our homegroups is threefold:

  • to learn from God as we study the Bible together
  • to learn from each other because we all have something to contribute
  • to encourage each other as we share joys and troubles

When we meet each week we read and discuss part of the Bible and pray as well as enjoying each other’s company. Once a month, all the groups will gather centrally at our Midweek gathering.

Our home groups meet on weeknights throughout the parish. It’s a great time to socialise, study the bible and pray together. To find out more or join a home group please contact our Rector.

This term we are studying Contentment: Healing the hunger of our hearts

We all know what it is to feel discontented with our lives — with what we have, how much we can get, what we do, who we live with, how we are and what the future promises.


The constant hunger for something more may seem like the aches and pains of growing old — something that we must just put up with in this far-from-perfect world. But the Bible shows that discontent is the symptom of a lethal disease that will kill us if we do not find a cure. It was discontent that first led humans into rebellion against God, with the catastrophic consequences that have followed from that decision.

Yet Jesus Christ promises that anyone who believes in Him will never again hunger or thirst. The apostle Paul was able to say that he had learned the secret of being content in any and every situation — in need or in plenty. Discontent is a problem of our hearts not our circumstances. This Good Book Guide can help us to understand why we become discontented, how Jesus Christ alone can help us, and on a practical level, how Christian living can bring the treasure of contentment to our daily lives.


  • Monday Mornings
  • Monday Evenings
  • Tuesday Evenings
  • Wednesday Afternoons
  • Wednesday Evenings

You can choose the time that works best for you. 


All of our homegroups are free to join, and any books we study are also free of charge.  


As the name suggests, our homegroups meet in people’s homes around Winklebury & Worting.