Our homegroups tend to meet each week during term time, in homes or in one of our two buildings. 

We have just restarted our home groups so if you haven’t been part of a home group before, now would be a great time to try! 

If you would like to join us, please sign up (using the link on the right) or get in touch with Tim or John if you have any questions.  This term we are meeting in people’s homes, but if you would rather meet in a church building for Covid reasons, please do indicate on the sign up form. 

We are meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.

Transport can be arranged if that’s an issue for you.

This term we are studying: Passion for Life 

This term we will be  going through some of the Passion for Life material, a nationwide initiative established to help us think about reaching our friends and family with the good news of Jesus.

The purpose of our homegroups is threefold:

  • to learn from God as we study the Bible together
  • to learn from each other because we all have something to contribute
  • to encourage each other as we share joys and troubles

When we meet each week we read and discuss part of the Bible and pray as well as enjoying each other’s company. Once a month, all the groups will gather centrally at our Midweek gathering.

Our home groups meet on weeknights throughout the parish. It’s a great time to socialise, study the Bible and pray together. To find out more or join a home group please contact our Rector.


Mainly Wednesday Evenings at 7:30pm

Please fill out the form so that we know if another time is better for you.


All of our homegroups are free to join, and any books we study are also free of charge.  


As the name suggests, our homegroups meet in people’s homes around Winklebury & Worting.